Paper production is the third most energy-intensive of all manufacturing industries, using over 12% of all energy in the industrial sector.

Besides the staff and the customers, a company’s business data is the most important component within the organization.

Manufacturing Files range from confidential customer contracts to HR files and beyond. These documents are a corporation’s most vital records. They must be safely stored, secure, easy to access instantly, and searchable.

AIS provides enterprise level paper-free solutions from Fortune 500 corporations to small companies. Our solutions eliminate paper records and storage costs. Our solutions streamline processes to reduce cost, ensure compliance and increase service levels.

Examples of document types we work with:

  • AR (Accounts Receivable): invoices, statements, and proof of delivery
  • AP (Accounts Payable): invoices and purchase orders
  • Legal and Contracts
  • HR (Human Resources) Files

Three Key Benefits

Increased Security

Keeping files in a document management system is much more secure than filing the paper forms. With this service you gain improved disaster recovery, accurate preservation of records, and compliance with corporate and regulatory auditing requirements. Security passwords can also be created to manage who has access to certain files.

Improved Efficiency

There are many different activities going on in the manufacturing industry and it can be difficult to keep up with requests when there is not a proper management system in place. AIS can create one for your company that will electronically control and audit steps in critical business processes, improve responsiveness and communication among suppliers, and improve worker productivity.

Increased Accessibility

Setting up a document management system creates a centralized location to store all important paperwork and files. Searching for a document in a company database is much more convenient than having to go through piles of paper. Employees are able to access whatever they need from any location increasing productivity and decreasing overall costs.

Look at our specific solutions for Accounts Payable, Bill of Ladings, Customer Files, and Human Resources.

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