Law Enforcement

Document storage is one of the top priorities of law enforcement agencies across the nation. We offer a secure, tactical, and flexible solution to all of your issues.

Law Enforcement agencies are tasked with managing enormous amounts of mission critical data, including Gun/Concealed Carry permits, Sex Offender files, Inmate Medical Records, Personnel Files, amongst many others. The security and efficient management of these files is paramount in allowing these agencies to effectively perform tasks and serve the public.

AIS provides enterprise level paper-free solutions from Fortune 500 corporations to small companies to some of the largest county, state, and federal government agencies. Our solutions eliminate paper records and storage costs. Our solutions streamline processes to reduce cost, ensure compliance and increase service levels.

Three Key Benefits

Increased Security

Keeping files in a document management system is much more secure than filing the paper forms. With this service you gain improved disaster recovery, accurate preservation of records, and compliance with corporate and regulatory auditing requirements. Security passwords can also be created to manage who has access to certain files.

Improved Efficiency

There are many different activities going on in the manufacturing industry and it can be difficult to keep up with requests when there is not a proper management system in place. AIS can create one for your company that will electronically control and audit steps in critical business processes, improve responsiveness and communication among suppliers, and improve worker productivity.

Increased Accessibility

Setting up a document management system creates a centralized location to store all important paperwork and files. Searching for a document in a company database is much more convenient than having to go through piles of paper. Employees are able to access whatever they need from any location increasing productivity and decreasing overall costs.

AIS Helps Forensics Labs and Crime Labs Digitize Case Files

“Digitizing historic paper files by partnering with AIS, will give your agency real-time visibility to ALL historic data including DNA test results to assist in getting closure to cold cases and post-conviction cases.”

Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS) is a Strategic Information Management Company assisting Forensics Labs and Crime Labs to digitally archive crime lab case files to help expedite DNA test results, post convictions and cold cases. We are focused on delivering peace of mind to our Clients by providing instant access to your ALL of your critical lab files, providing a disaster recovery plan while improving staff efficiency. Since 1972, AIS has provided Government Agencies with high quality records management solutions.

How AIS can Help:

· Expedite the process for Post Convictions, Cold Cases, & DNA Test Results

· Implement a Disaster Recovery Plan for Historic Case Files

· Integration of Data between Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

· Secure and Real-time Access to ALL Historic Files

Other AIS Services:

· High Volume Backfile Document Scanning (ie: Lab Files, HR Files, etc.)

· Document Cleanup ID Documents to Retain & Scan (Retention Management)

· Data Migration, Cleanup, & Consolidation

· Secure Data Hosted (Cloud) Storage

Government pricing available for agencies interested in utilizing AIS for document management related services.

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