In 2011 during a 30 day time span 74% of physicians who used electronic health records experienced benefits when accessing patient charts.

The healthcare industry is extremely important and is continuously growing and changing. Vital documents such as patient history, financial records, test reports, and x-rays all need to be organized and archived. The biggest obstacle when storing all of this information is complying with strict HIPAA regulations. AIS offers specialized solutions to fit all of the needs your organization wants to fulfill.

Three Key Benefits


In the fast paced healthcare industry achieving efficiency is extremely important. AIS can greatly improve organizational efficiency and productivity with our services. This is achieved by providing a centralized location for all documents and information to be stored. By choosing document scanning, conversion, and/or hosted storage, staff can quickly locate patient records, charts, and other files without any hassle. This eliminates the need for large storage space and wasting time trying to find and re-file documents.

Security and Compliance with HIPAA

When using the healthcare document scanning services from AIS you are gaining many benefits that will assist you in meeting maximum security and HIPAA requirements. To start there is initial user authentication that is verified against your networks operating system. From there you can use passwords to limit the amount of information that can be viewed on a document, and restrict them from being printed, emailed, or faxed without proper security clearance. Further measures include keeping track of all changes made to documents and an audit log that records each time a document is viewed, the user who viewed it, and the workstation from which it was viewed.

Reduction of Costs

AIS is able to reduce organizational costs by simply by providing our scanning services. We can reduce the costs incurred from printing multiple copies including paper and ink, along with mailing/shipping charges, and off-site storage fees. Our service also makes it quicker and easier to find information leading to reduced administrative overhead.

Look at our specific solutions for handling Credential Files, Explanation of Benefits, and Medical Records.

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