The US government spends over $400 million a year on printing.

Government agencies are granted the responsibility to manage and deliver a multitude of different public and/or private records. These records must be accessible to the public and at the same time remain in a secure environment. Integration of business systems between all departments is also very important, these include; the department of motor vehicles, human services, boards of professional licensing, public safety and law enforcement, courts, state records management and other citizen-facing and back office departments across state and local government agencies. The services that AIS can offer you will keep your agency secure, organized, and efficient.

Three Key Benefits


Any agency dealing with government records must handle them with the utmost security. You need to make sure no information in lost, stolen, destroyed, or tampered with and comply with privacy and retention policies. The services offered by AIS will eliminate these threats by creating a secure and reliable platform with controlled access to manage all of your important records.


Government agencies have many different departments with different files coming in and out every day. Many situations need to be handled quickly and are stalled because employees have to spend time searching through rooms of filed paper and going to off-site storage. Departments also need to transfer documents between them, and with stacks of paper this can be very inconvenient. AIS can easily eliminate these issues and create a more productive and efficient organizational system for your agency.


Government agencies have important private records that need to be accessible to many employees while still remaining secure. There are also many public records that have to be easily accessible to the general public. Building a successful bridge between your organization and the public can be hard to achieve. AIS can create a business system specific to your agency’s unique needs and structure.

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