More than 69 million tons of paper and paperboard will be used in the United States this year.

The financial industry is a huge sector of the business world and is faced with increased competition, regulation compliance demands, and the need for the highest level of customer satisfaction and security. AIS offers a selection of document management solutions that can be customized to fit your specific organizational needs.

Three Key Benefits

Improved Productivity

Financial institutions are always receiving and sending new documents that need to be stored and accessible, but sorting through piles of papers is extremely time consuming for employees. This leads to lost valuable time, increased operation costs, and frustrated clients and employees. AIS can help your organization find the best solutions to quickly turn this cycle around. Our services make archives easily accessible and manageable for all employees by simply making them digital. We can also make transactions between departments and clients much more simplistic benefiting everyone involved.

Increased Security

In the financial industry security will always be the top priority for both clients and companies. Many important documents are still kept on paper making them extremely vulnerable to risk. Paper can be lost, stolen, damaged, or tampered with very easily making them a liability for your company. AIS can find the best solution that fits your needs while greatly increasing the security and integrity of company archives.


when dealing with documents we insure maximum accuracy by implementing a quality control process which includes a dedicated team viewing and performing a 100% quality inspection on all data captured by AIS.

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