The average school of 1,000 people or university department of equivalent size, spends about $3,000 to $4,000 a month on paper, ink, and toner.

School districts, colleges and universities have been faced with budget costs over the years but still need to function and operate effectively. They are dealing with increased student enrollments, applications, and more stringent legal requirements such as FERPA and No Child Left Behind (NCLB). AIS can help your organization manage all important documents through proven document solutions guaranteed to better your efficiency. We have solutions for Higher Education and K-12 School Districts.

Three Key Benefits

Decrease In Costs

The education industry has be subject to many budget costs which can make keeping up with demands difficult. By simply converting paper documents to digital you are going to be saving money by cutting costs associated with printing, storing, and mailing mass amounts of documents.

Increased Efficiency

Schools need to keep track of all organizational legal, finance, and billing documents, along with all student records. It is near impossible to quickly find a specific document that needs to be reviewed quickly. Searching through large quantities of stored paper records wastes both valuable time and money. AIS can set up a custom document management system for your facility allowing employees to quickly and easily pull up any requested documents in a digital database. This will make finding, emailing, securing, and archiving records stress free while greatly increasing workplace efficiency and productivity.

Preservation of Vital Records

Educational facilities are required to archive all student records so they can be used in the future. Students often need school records transferred to different schools when they move to a new district, start a new grade, and for applying and transferring colleges. With new student documents flooding in every year it is very hard to keep all of them organized and secure in storage. By turning them into digital forms you can make a database that makes it very easy to just type in a name and pull up all of that students records.

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