Industry Solutions

Organizations of any size in many sectors from manufacturing to insurance can benefit from the solutions, services
and products provided by AIS. While each organization has different needs, all industries, companies and
employees can all benefit from the following:


Productivity is a major driver of profits. Employees with a higher productivity lead to increased value within the company and decrease the labor costs per task.

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Converting files requires an initial investment. It requires time and financial resources. However, the return on investment for conversion makes the initial investment well worth it.

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Securely Share Documents

Your business functions because of the information and ideas contained by ink on paper. On paper, those ideas aren't secure, but rather quite vulnerable.

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Nothing is more vulnerable to a natural disaster than paper. Paper isn't not water proof, fire resistant, or immune to high winds.

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Industry Specific Solutions


Gaining instant access to all of your medical records (paper and microfilm) could be a matter of life and death for your patients.

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Let AIS customize a cost-effective solution that manages your Government Agency’s data while aligning with State, Local and Federal Policies.

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Learning environments are rapidly changing! Students and educators are in need of collaborative learning spaces in order to make deeper and lasting connections to their subject matter.

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement agencies rely on securely managing mission critical data. AIS allows agencies to tactically and efficiently serve the public.

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AIS can help you automate and transform your current workflow processes to increase efficiency, accuracy, visibility and insights into critical business information.

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AIS can help you navigate the ever changing requirements of the financial industry through better identification, access, monitoring and protection of your confidential information.

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