Email Management

Sending, reading, responding, and collaborating via email is critical to all businesses. Many emails with important information need to be categorized, stored, or destroyed within the company. This results in very large inbox and sent folders on email servers. This may seem like a reasonable way to stay organized but email servers were not designed to act like an archive database, and using it as one puts the company at risk, slows server responsiveness, slows productivity, and increases costs. The biggest threat is that the organization will not be able to meet legal preservation requirements in the event of litigation and government investigations.


AIS email management systems are able to eradicate these threats and help the success of any company. Benefits of this service include:

  • Managing content
  • Manage retention periods
  • Set up security to monitor access of important information
  • Removing emails or important links/attachments from the server and archive them in another location
  • Handle emails in a way that complies with the company policy's and legal requirements
  • Increases efficiency and productivity of email servers and company staff

Why Use Email Management?

Using emails to send and receive essential company information is important throughout every industry. AIS will use email management to organize and store all information in a way that increases company security and efficiency.

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