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AIS can assist in managing the total life-cycle of your company’s document work flow. From start to finish, we can
help you become more efficient and effective.

Document & Records Management

While they may seem similar, document management and records management are two completely different challenges.

Data Hosting

Hosted Solutions provided by AIS allows you and your employees to securely access your information any time, any place.

Document Scanning

Every organization, big or small, has an abundance of documents that need to be organized and stored.

Electronic Forms

Eliminate the manual process of printing, filling out, and routing documents.

Data Conversion

Data conversion allows you to migrate your business data from one medium to another.

Data Entry

Eliminate the monotonous and resource consuming business function of data entry.

Customer Testimonials

-Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services

AIS helped us Streamline our processes, enabling our team to provide better service to our customers.

-Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Office

Digitizing our CHP and Sex Offender Files by partnering with AIS Permitium, gives our department real-time visibility and immediate access to customer information. We now have access to ALL of our information with just a click of a button.

-Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department

Partnering with AIS helped us tremendously with our HR electronic transformation project. By digitizing all employee information, it is readily accessible 24/7. We are a demanding department and their ability to respond in timely to requests is impressive.

-Sandhills Center LME/MCO

AIS helped us significantly mitigate risk and exposure allowing us to better manage all of our records

-NC State Crime Lab

Digitizing all of our historic paper files by partnering with AIS, will give our agency real-time visibility to all historic data including DNA test results to assist in getting closure to cold cases and post- conviction cases

-Wake Forest University

While the convenience of being able to retrieve the information directly from our desk top will save us time and money, the greatest satisfaction will come from providing better and quicker service.

-Pharr Yarns

We have worked with AIS for over 20 years now, their performance and service is impeccable. Our new service is working great.

-Greenville County

Very impressed with your process and the amount of Quality Control performed.The operating tour was enlightening. The employees interaction is encouraging. We know that your work is superior. Your process seems to be streamlined and effective

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