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Any great break-through has endured trial and error and failure and success. When progress was made, productive action was fueling a progressive fire. Drawn back to a smaller scale scenario such as an office the same logic applies. Everyday productivity leads to progress in reaching goals that are both large and small. Where does the initial productive spark stem from? It comes from many different areas, but here I’ll be explaining only a few of the more noticeable ones.

Three C’s of productivity include collaboration, cohesion, and communication. If one is lacking the performance of the other two will suffer. Real world experience can prove this point. A team that does not have consistent communication will not have the proper cohesion for effective collaboration. That may have sounded complicated but think back on a time you were frustrated because of a lack of communication and little to no progress was made as a result.

Specific and attainable goals are good topics to follow up the three C’s. With good communication everyone is on the same page and understands the specific goals and outcomes a project hopes to achieve. Before any ground can break it’s important to know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and when each task is supposed to be completed. Saying a goal is attainable is another way of saying it is realistic. Set realistic goals that are not too far out of your reach under a given timeline.

Timelines keep productivity flowing in the right direction. A clear timeline of objectives map out exactly what is supposed to be finished and when it is planned to be complete. Timelines also make dealing with any unforeseen incidents a bit easier since you’ll be able to see exactly how to get back on track based on future plans. Organization is very important when goals are to be met and a task list has to be completed. Timelines facilitate that organization by giving structure and stability. They make tackling projects not appear so daunting as well. With proper communication, specific and realistic goals in mind, and a thorough timeline in place, your team members will see productivity and ultimately progress.

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