What to Do In a Paper Document Disaster

If your organization isn’t prepared for a disaster, it could leave a devastating impact on your organization. Especially an organization who is dependent on paper records. Don’t let fires, floods or any other natural disaster destroy your organization; be prepared. 

Disaster plan.

Having a disaster plan is crucial to your organization. Your disaster plan should include information about all of your documents, like location, size and format. It should also have designated roles and responsibilities to determine who should be called in for which disaster. For example, calling in an emergency contractor for fans and dehumidifiers. When you have a disaster plan you will optimize recovery efforts which will save your organization time and money. 

Having the correct specialist or equipment.

In the event of a natural disaster, handling your documents without the correct protective equipment could make matters worse. Consider hiring a document recovery specialist to handle your disaster damaged documents.  When you hire a document restoration contractor, you will receive the appropriate restorative treatment and physical recovery. They will find the documents and quickly remove them from the location- reducing the risk of more damage from mold. 

Off-site storage

To avoid the chance of a paper document disaster, consider storing your documents in an off-site storage facility. They typically have stronger security and protection features than an average office.  Many have fire and smoke alarms with suppression systems to protect your documents. 

The best way to protect your documents from environmental disasters is with digital document conversion. Converting your documents to a digital format and storing them in the cloud will ensure that they’re safe from disaster, keeping your organization running and preventing it from going under in the event of a disaster. Advanced Imaging Systems can help your organization with document conversion. For more information, contact us today and start protecting your important documents.