What Is Paper Costing Your Organization?

We are always worrying about money, especially during tax season. Organizations are trying to determine where to save and where to spend in the new year. Where do they start? We’ve said it before: go paperless. When your organization chooses document management to improve business processes, customer service, and productivity, they also reduce costs in a big way. Not to mention your employees will finally be able to see over the piles of paper on their desks.

Documents generally cost $20 in labor to file, $120 to find if it is misfiled and $220 to reproduce when it’s lost. Office workers can spend up to two hours a day looking for paperwork. 500 hours a year. At $15 an hour, you would end up losing $7,500 a year.

Removing paper from business processes will result in immediate ROI. You’ll be relieved of the costs of the following:

  • Filing cabinets and offsite storage.
  • Printing costs such as toner and ink
  • Actual paper documents and postage

Most of us need a clean and organization work environment to get our work done and stay productive. When there are mountains of paperwork and file cabinets throughout the office, it can be hard to focus and see through the paper. It takes over our office, desks and, most importantly, our time. Review business processes and determine if paper usage in your office is hindering business. If so, it’s time to reduce paper and stop letting it cost you money, time and productivity.

Here are AIS we are committed to providing 100% job quality satisfaction. Our focus is to provide you with the best service, products, and pricing that we can. If you would like more information about a document management solution for your organization, contact us today. Let us help you like we were able to help Wake Forest:

“While the convenience of being able to retrieve the information directly from our desk top will save us time and money, the greatest satisfaction will come from providing better and quicker service.” – Wake Forest University