Human Resources

Human Resource departments face evolving challenges on a daily basis that affect what information the HR department must manage, including:

  • Recruiting Activities
  • Employee On-boarding, including I-9 Management
  • Benefits Enrollment & Administration
  • Employee Separation
  • Time Cards

Each of these creates rows and rows of filing cabinets, and even security issues. When you include federal and state document retention schedules, tackling an HR document management project can be quite daunting. That is where our HR document management solutions come in.

Convert Your Existing HR Files
AIS’ leading HR document management and scanning service bureau, we have extensive experience scanning human resource documents into electronic images. By converting these documents, you will have a more secure, more reliable and easier to manage system. Our QC processes assure that every document is scanned, and that every image is clean. We can also index the documents to meet your HR system requirements, whether it is a basic database or the most recent HRIS.

Store Your Existing Human Resource Documents
If your corporate policies require keeping the physical documents, our secure offsite storage can hold these records, and keep them secure, since all access is secured and tracked. This can help maintain compliance with federal and state retention and security requirements. In addition, our climate controlled vault can store your legacy microfiche and film without degradation.

Control & Improve Your HR Document Management Processes
Combining document management software with workflow enables significant process improvement opportunities.

The end results are tightly controlled processes, with easily measured metrics using fewer resources. These Human Resource document solutions can also be delivered in the Cloud, providing predictable management costs (and keeps the documents secure from prying eyes).