Accounts Payable

AP Automation

Accounts Payable professionals have increased responsibility for process integrity and corporate compliance. Managing supplier payments, expense reimbursements, and vendor maintenance on paper is cumbersome and costly. When documents are not readily available during processing, it means lost time and effort, unrealized cash discounts, unhappy customers and suppliers, and unwelcome audit findings. 

Document scanning and classification, Electronic Document Management (EDM) and workflow design are key elements of a solid accounts payable automation strategy that will address these issues. 

AIS has a track record of success helping AP professionals operate more efficiently (and at reduced costs) by installing internally managed solutions or by outsourcing the process to AIS.

Eliminate Paper: avoid lost, misplaced or duplicate invoices and other paper-related bottle-necks. Paper documents are converted instantly to searchable digital images upon arrival.

Leverage your organization’s existing Infrastructure/Software Investment: AIS solutions integrate with virtually any financial system and line-of-business or ERP application.

Eliminate highly repetitive and mundane AP tasks through automation.


Reduce Labor Costs: Improve Data Capture using OCR, and reduce labor costs through workflow automation.


Enjoy Easy and Secure Access:  Grant authorized user’s permission to any transaction document, including invoices, purchase orders and cancelled checks. Retrieve any document instantly using your desktop browser.