Each misfiled document costs about $125. Each lost document can cost $350 to $700, and large organizations lose a document every 12 seconds.

All legal documents regardless of the situation are important and should be saved by all parties involved. If there is some type of issue you need to quickly find and review all of the documents relating to the situation. At AIS we understand how important having these archives organized is and we have the solutions to make it happen.

Three Key Benefits

Reduction of Costs
AIS is able to reduce organizational costs by simply by providing our scanning and conversion services. We can reduce the costs incurred from printing multiple copies including paper and ink, along with mailing/shipping charges, and off-site storage fees. Our services also makes it quicker and easier to find information leading to reduced administrative overhead.

Increased Security
All legal documents should be kept in a secure location and handled in a way that preserves their integrity. AIS can convert all paper documents into either a digital or microfilm form. Paper documents can easily become lost, damaged or vandalized by making them digital you are eliminating these risks. Microfilm can guarantee the same security plus some added peace of mind; they can last up to 500 years, are admissible in court, and cannot be accessed without using a reader scanner.

Improved Efficiency
Putting legal documents in a digital form greatly increases the efficiency of the office. You are then able to easily search, find, and manage all archived documents. Along with increasing productivity it also opens up a lot more office space.