InsuranceThe associate director of cyber security and intelligence for the federal Defense Security Service, recently stated that companies not switching to electronic forms are wasting significant amounts of time and money.

AIS Solutions allows the insurance industry, managed general agents, and third party administrators to improve productivity levels by addressing specific document management needs. This industry has a lot of paper work that needs to be completed and processed every day with high efficiency and security. AIS can assist your company in all of the following business areas:

  • New Business Applications
  • Underwriting
  • Claims Processing
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Service
  • Forms Management
  • Agency Management
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance


Three Key Benefits

Important documents need to be accessible to all employees throughout your organization as well as the policy holders. Searching through file cabinets and storage rooms looking for a specific piece of paper is a frustrating task for employees, and doesn’t allow clients easy access to their documents. AIS understands the insurance industry and how to quickly make all of your documents digital and in a centralized location so employees can access them from any location when needed. Digital documents also allow for easy and quick emailing of information between your company and clients benefiting everyone involved.

Insurance providers are constantly evaluated based on their ability to service claims quickly and efficiently. Although it is an important part of the job it can be hard to achieve when there is not a digital management system that holds all documents and information. AIS can create a system that is made to fit your organizations specific needs and wants while allowing employees easily search for, send, and manage documents. This will greatly increase productivity and your customer base will become more satisfied.

When dealing with such important documents clients want to know that their information is being handled properly and is secure. Currently many documents are only on paper which makes them vulnerable to becoming lost, stolen, damaged, or altered. If clients hear of a security issue they will quickly leave and go to another agency even if the situation was out of your control. AIS can quickly eliminate all of these risks for your organization. With a management system you can set up passwords to limit the amount of information that can be viewed on a document, and restrict them from being printed, emailed, or faxed without proper security clearance. This will keep the company functioning without any violations and give clients peace of mind.