Medical Records

Solutions for Storing Medical Records

Every time a patient goes to a new doctor, hospital, or medical clinic, they are required to fill out paper work explaining their medical history and current health.  Sometimes it is required that they fill out a form every time they have an appointment. All of this paper needs to be saved, organized and readily available, but they take up a lot of storage space and are time consuming to sort through. Having all of these important records on paper is also risky because they can be lost, ruined, or stolen. When dealing with important medical documents and HIPAA regulations you can’t take these chances. AIS can easily solve these issues by converting all of the paper documents to a digital form. Digital records are more secure, accurate, and efficient when compared to paper.


Hosted Solutions
Once all of your important records are digital AIS can further benefit your organization by setting up hosted storage. Online storage allows you and your employees to access all patient documents and information when needed from their desks, homes or on the road. Hosting your organizational information keeps it in one secure central location, and can be password protected so only select employees have access to data. Off-site digital storage creates convenience throughout the entire organization and will help you comply too all HIPAA regulations.