Explanation of Benefits

Explanation of benefits (EOB) are important statements sent by a health insurance company explaining what medical treatments and/or services were paid for on their behalf for a covered individual. The EOB is commonly attached to a check or statement of electronic payment. Every time a patient has visits a healthcare facility one of these forms are sent, which can pile up very quickly. These statements need to be archived and organized for financial records of your organization. AIS can scan all of these documents benefiting your company in many ways. Some of these benefits include; easily managed and accessible archives, increased document security, reduction of operational costs, improved productivity, and increase in available office space.

Hosted Storage
Having EOB’s scanned is great benefit for any organizations’ security and coordination, but by setting up online storage you are allowing the firm to utilize maximum benefits. This service has all of the benefits of scanning plus you are allowing you and your employees to access all of the documents from any location where they have internet. Hosted storage is easy to understand, secure, efficient, and reliable.