Industry Solutions

Organizations of any size in many sectors from manufacturing to insurance can benefit from the solutions, services and products provided by AIS. While each organization has different needs, all industries, companies and employees can all benefit from the following:

Increased Productivity
Productivity is a major driver of profits. Employees with a higher productivity lead to increased value within the company and decrease the labor costs per task. When documents become readily accessible on employees’ devices, your overall productivity increases, as do profits. By eliminating time wasted looking through warehouses, archives, and filing cabinets, you’re leaving it open to be used for additional projects or tasks. Your documents will never be more than a few clicks away.

Reduced Cost
Converting files requires an initial investment. It requires time and financial resources. However, the return on investment for conversion makes the initial investment well worth it. Conversion of files leads to reduced storage costs, increased security, improved customer service levels and improved information accessibility. Over time, your initial investment will be earned back and future dollars saved in operating expenditures.

Securely Share Documents
Your business functions because of the information and ideas contained by ink on paper. On paper, those ideas aren’t secure, but rather quite vulnerable. Sharing e-files through your company’s network, intranet, or the internet can be done securely and efficiently. Avoid a document queue with multiple users being able to view a document at a time. For schools and governments specifically, digital documents also provide the security you need to keep your information safe.

Disaster Recovery
Nothing is more vulnerable to a natural disaster than paper. Paper isn’t not water proof, fire resistant, or immune to high winds. Scanning preserves documents like vital medical records digitally through disasters involving any natural elements. You can manage company data with a secure hosted solution and have an automatic disaster recovery plan in place. With employees that can work from anywhere, nothing can hold your company back.