Paper to Digital

Having a lot of paper documents stored in the office takes up a lot of space and can be difficult to go through. Our high production scanning service bureau can handle any size paper document.  Utilizing the latest high volume production scanners, we are capable of scanning at the highest quality to ensure optimal legibility and accuracy. Our scanning process takes care of all the little details so you have to worry about something being missed. Here is a brief look into the AIS scanning process:

Pick Up – We safely transport your data from your office to our location.

Prep – We remove staples and paper clips, and secure loose documents in order to be processed.

Scan – We utilize the latest document imaging technology to capture images at the highest quality.

Index – We capture the search criteria by utilizing the latest in OCR, ICR, and barcode recognition technology.

Quality Control – Quality Control operators view 100% of the images captured.  Questionable images are flagged to be rescanned.

Output – Captured data is exported into any format in order for our Clients to import the data into their document management solution. 

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Taking advantage of the stress free scanning service that we offer is a great benefit of the AIS conversion process, but along with this you are also gaining other valuable benefits including:

  • High Accuracy
  • Quality inspection of all data and images
  • Increases office space
  • Secure
  • Quick process, we can prepare an average of 1,000 pages per hour


Why Convert From Paper To Digital?
By employing AIS to do paper to digital document conversion for your organization you are freeing up a lot of office space along with making the information more convenient and accessible. To insure maximum accuracy we also implement a quality control process which includes a dedicated team viewing and performing a 100% quality inspection on all data captured by AIS.