Microfilm to Digital


Many organizations rely on storing important information on microfilm and microfiche because it is a better option than paper documents. This does not mean that it is the best alternative though, microfilm is still a physical asset subject to many risks. They can be lost, stolen, ruined in a flood or fire, or just simply deteriorate over time. By having AIS convert your organizations microfilm documents to digital you are eliminating these risks and improving overall company efficiency.


Microfilm to digital conversion is an easy process that can make improvements in any industry. AIS guarantees satisfaction and these added benefits: 

  • High accuracy
  • Elimination of threats to the documents physical state
  • Allows for easy access to archive information
  • Decrease in storage costs
  • Improvement in overall organizational efficiency
  • Affordable


Why Convert Your Microfilm To Digital?
The AIS conversion process creates a digital replica of the entirety of your original microfilm or microfiche. The advanced scanning process converts documents with near perfect accuracy with no images or details are lost, digitally preserving your information exactly as it appeared in its physical state. Adjustable grayscale is included, enabling users to optimize the quality of tough-to-read documents or images, allowing them to be used for web content. Switching to digital also allows for full-text searching capabilities enabling users to quickly find information, cutting retrieval time and consequentially, labor costs.