Digital to Microfilm


Microfilm is recognized by industry experts as being a trusted source of information, leading organizations to convert their digital files to microfilm. The reasoning is that important information on this type of media is admissible in court and abides by legal and government retention compliance.


Choosing AIS to transfer your digital files to microfilm adds security and validation to all of your company’s important information. Along with this you are gaining documents that are:

  • Admissible in court
  • In compliance with the Federal Archives specifications
  • High quality images
  • Not subject to internet issues such as security

Why Store Digital Documents On Microfilm?

AIS is able to take digital images and create 16mm or 35 mm microfilm using Kodak i9600 Digital Science Archive Writers. Only the latest generation of equipment is used, which provides the highest quality images in compliance with the Federal Archives’ specifications. Microfilm can also be stored on or off-site depending on your organizations specific needs.