Hosted Solutions

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.41.59 PMHosted Solutions provided by AIS allows you and your employees to access the documents and information they need from their desks, homes or on the road. Hosting your organizational information keeps it in one secure central location, and can be password protected so only select employees have access to data. Off-site digital storage is a great way to plan for any situation and creates convenience throughout the entire organization.

Using AIS as your hosting provider adds many benefits to any organization. This service allows for:

  • Security of information
  • Reliability
  • Easily accessible documents
  • Having all information in one central location
  • Peace of mind knowing that if there is ever a disaster  you will not lose your documents


Why Store Data with AIS?
There are many situations in which hosted storage is extremely helpful within an organization. There is often a document that more than one person needs and with documents in the cloud several employees can access the same information quickly and conveniently. If there is ever a situation that prevents you from getting to the office you are still able to get your documents from any location such as your house. Securing your storage online also eliminates the risk of losing important information and adds a lot of convenience to any organization.