Scan-To-Zero: One File At A Time

Document Conversion has seen great success over the past decade. With business getting bigger and paperwork piling up, various conversion solutions have saved companies gasping for air under drawers filled with files, added costs, and suffering service. Most companies will wonder where to begin once they decide to utilize a document management solution. Well first it is best to assess what area within the company will benefit most from a conversion solution. It may be multiple departments, but no matter what it will take place one piece of paper at a time. The solutions description of going from thousands of documents to zero is right in its name.

Scan-to-Zero solution from AIS slowly and consistently transforms piles of paper into digital files affordably. More space will soon be available as well as money saving opportunities from less searching for documents. Scan-to-Zero offers:


No more searching through a file cabinet for a document you know is there but continue to overlook. Employees waste an immense amount of time looking for files without the keyword search feature in the Scan-to-Zero program. A date or specific word is all it will take to find exactly what you’re looking for. So decrease search time and improve productivity with the helpful features built in to this program.

Cost Saving

Average storage costs are about $40,000 per year. Scan-to-Zero solution can cut storage costs to a quarter of that average amount companies are paying while storing paper documents in onsite file cabinets. Once the scanning process begins you will immediately see saving all while your paper travels through the digitizing process.


Digitized documents are much safer and more reliable if you ever need to create, duplicate, edit, or access a file. If a disaster recovery plan is not already solidified, Scan-to-Zero is a great start in securing the future of your company. With the option for offsite storage your files are guaranteed to be recovered at any time if a disaster were to happen. The need to worry about in-house tampering, theft, or lost and misplaced documents will no longer exist.

Scan-to-Zero also shows your company’s initiative in becoming a “Green Office.” Safe disposal following proper recycling regulations is a guarantee. Learn more about Scan-to-Zero by contacting AIS today and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and latest news.

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