Maintain Document Security

It seems like all we hear about in the news these days are companies and organizations who have had data breaches, putting millions of people at risk for identity theft. Now that every company becoming increasingly digital, it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain data and document security especially because technology is constantly evolving. Staying ahead of the game is crucial when trying to implement data security.

Change your passwords often. 

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that the easiest way to put your documents in harms way is to create a simple password that you don’t change often. Creating different passwords for your accounts and change it often to maintain strong security. Using different characters will strengthen it.

If you have a large organization, be sure to determine which employees have access to certain documents. That will ensure that your important information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands and will hold you employees accountable.

Understand the threats against your organization. 

Keeping your employees informed about phishing, malware and viruses, which could all potentially lead to serious data breaches. Keep your computers and mobile devices updated with antivirus and firewall protection. Avoid opening any questionable emails; it’s easy for hackers to take advantage of your data and passwords.

Keep your physical documents well protected.

If you still have physical documents on site, there needs to be a strong security system. Keep all file cabinets locked and lock the rooms that the file cabinets are in. Security cameras are a good idea as well.

If you aren’t sure if your security systems are up to date or appropriate for your organization, it’s time to contact a professional. Advanced Imaging System can help you maintain document security, customized for your organization. We can also help you bring all of your documents to a centralized digital location, so you know where your important and sensitive documents are located. Contact AIS today for help with any of your document security needs.