Get a Head Start for End of the Year Tasks

With the New Year comes new hobbies and new habits. It is also a good time to reflect on the previous year and learn from it. The end of the year is a busy time for many organizations. With much to be done before the new year, many often feel that there isn’t enough time to finish it all. There are many things we can do to prevent that same feeling from happening again this year. Consider utilizing a document management solution to accomplish your end of the year office tasks.

Organize Piles of Paper At the end of the year, many organizations are forced to face piles of paper work that no one knows what to do with. While we know we don’t have to keep all of the paperwork, it can be challenging to determine which documents should be retained and which should be discarded.When you convert your documents to digital files, it is easier to make decisions regarding your documents. Once you remove those you no longer need, you’ll find an increase in workflow efficiency.

Technology Upgrades Now is the time to look around the office and find any areas that could be improved or upgraded. Check all hardware and software to ensure that it’s working. You should also consider focusing on processes and office efficiency. Document management solutions will allow your office to streamline processes and boost productivity for the next year.

Tax Season Prep The end of the year is also the best time to prep for tax season and if you aren’t prepared with all necessary documents it can be frightening. A document management solution will allow your organization’s accounting department to efficiently handle tax season. AP automation will streamline the accounts payable process and instantly correct any incorrect errors or data.  

Compliance and Security If your organization is required to comply with data regulations and compliance,you know the importance of retention, security and organization. To be best prepared for periodic audits, implement a paperless document management system to ensure that documents are retained for the appropriate amount of time and are secure, accessible to specific employees. Compliance and security will be easy.

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