New Space, New State of Mind

Are you ready to relocate? You never realize how much stuff until you have to move all of it. There’s the furniture, desk knickknacks, equipment, office supplies… and decades of invoices, personnel files, and other documents that you need to run your business. One way to get all of your documents from point A to point B with the least ...Read More

Electronic Health Records Are Better – Here’s Why

Good medicine requires information. Traditionally, health and wellness facilities use paper files to track information and store patient records of previous health conditions, allergies, tests, labs, and other data. For some folks that’s a lot of paper. In light of this, an increasing number of medical professionals are opting for electronic record keeping over paper files. This transition can seem ...Read More

5 Reasons Paper Belongs in the Past

Dear Paper, Our relationship is over. We had a good run, filled with dusty manila folders, binder clips, and paper cuts. You can see that the company is growing. You must know by now that you are not meeting our needs anymore… The paperless office has been a phenomenon for decades, but the most recent Dear John letter to paper ...Read More

Administrative Assistant for Hire

The best administrative assistants are efficient, productive, and reliable. They excel at office duties and filing, getting you the information you need, and keeping everything optimally organized for your business process. They can keep track of all the documents, their details, and important information like dates, deadlines, and actionable items. They understand the flow of the workplace and will work ...Read More