Why Document Management is Important for the New Year

Is your office still burdened with having to manually process paper documents? Are you looking for a document management solution that will improve workflow efficiency and streamline your business processes? Document management solutions will revamp your office productivity, allowing your business to reach new goals in the new year. Below are a list of ways your business will reduce costs ...Read More

Cut Down Your Holiday Paper Weight

With the holiday season excitement typically comes weight gain- paper weight gain! During the holiday season businesses and household have a 25% increase in waste, paper being the biggest contributor. From Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, wrapping paper, ribbons and cards consumer our personal and professional lives. With New Year's right around the corner, now is the time to start ...Read More

The Secrets of Document Security

Our workplace technology is constantly changing. For years, organizations have struggled to manually file and organize their documents. We have the technology to finally have a paperless office and electronic documents have increased in the past several years yet there are still offices with a high volume of paper documents. This can be challenging, especially for financial, medical and legal ...Read More

Scan-To-Zero: One File At A Time

Document Conversion has seen great success over the past decade. With business getting bigger and paperwork piling up, various conversion solutions have saved companies gasping for air under drawers filled with files, added costs, and suffering service. Most companies will wonder where to begin once they decide to utilize a document management solution. Well first it is best to assess ...Read More

Paperless Solutions for Paper-full Industries

Going paperless in organizations that deal with a vast amount of documents can seem like a daunting task. How can so many documents from so many years still be available and used without paper? The reality is that going paperless is an easy cost-efficient solution, even for industries with the largest amount of documents. Below are the benefits that industries ...Read More