What Is Paper Costing Your Organization?

We are always worrying about money, especially during tax season. Organizations are trying to determine where to save and where to spend in the new year. Where do they start? We've said it before: go paperless. When your organization chooses document management to improve business processes, customer service, and productivity, they also reduce costs in a big way. Not to ...Read More

Get a Head Start for End of the Year Tasks

With the New Year comes new hobbies and new habits. It is also a good time to reflect on the previous year and learn from it. The end of the year is a busy time for many organizations. With much to be done before the new year, many often feel that there isn't enough time to finish it all. There ...Read More

Why Document Management is Important for the New Year

Is your office still burdened with having to manually process paper documents? Are you looking for a document management solution that will improve workflow efficiency and streamline your business processes? Document management solutions will revamp your office productivity, allowing your business to reach new goals in the new year. Below are a list of ways your business will reduce costs ...Read More

Benefits of the Paperless Office

Here in the United States, we use, consume, and waste  more paper than any other country. This means that if a unexpected disaster occurs, most organization's in the US will greatly suffer; in fact, companies still dependent on paper will fail within three weeks from the loss of documents and important information. Going paperless is important, not only to your ...Read More

Destroy Documents Properly

Determining what documents you need to hold on to and what documents to dispose of is crucial to maintain effective document management and organization. Once you have an understanding of that documents to retain, the next step is knowing how to properly destroy documents. Effectively destroying your documents will protect your sensitive documents and ensure they will not end up ...Read More

Paper Is Making You Work Harder

In the past, organizations have relied heavily on paper documents. However, just because it's what your organization has done for ages doesn't mean that it's the best option. In fact, organizations that rely heavily on paper are actually less productive and more hectic. But why? Paper is extremely fragile, which means your important information isn't really that safe at all. There ...Read More

Time to Reduce Paper

When we allow our desk to be overrun with paper, not only are we losing desk space but we are really cutting our productivity and office efficiency. Paper taking over the office slows us down and wastes our time. If you feel like this is happening in your office, it may be time to look at your business processes and ...Read More

The Secrets of Document Security

Our workplace technology is constantly changing. For years, organizations have struggled to manually file and organize their documents. We have the technology to finally have a paperless office and electronic documents have increased in the past several years yet there are still offices with a high volume of paper documents. This can be challenging, especially for financial, medical and legal ...Read More

Going Paperless Can Improve Customer Service

If you haven’t experienced a customer service nightmare, you’ve heard the stories from your friends and family. Waiting to speak with a representative for a frustrating amount of time, explain your situation to at least three different people; the list goes on and on. If your organization’s customer service department is still working on paper, they aren’t providing the best ...Read More

Improve Productivity with Document Management

Maximum efficiency and productive workers are every organization’s dream and unfortunately there isn’t one solution that will work for every organization.  Some tips work and some don’t, depending on the situation and the organization. However, choosing a document management system is a great way to maximize efficiency and help employees become more productive. Digitizing documents and automating business processes usually ...Read More