Time to Reduce Paper

When we allow our desk to be overrun with paper, not only are we losing desk space but we are really cutting our productivity and office efficiency. Paper taking over the office slows us down and wastes our time. If you feel like this is happening in your office, it may be time to look at your business processes and ...Read More

The Secrets of Document Security

Our workplace technology is constantly changing. For years, organizations have struggled to manually file and organize their documents. We have the technology to finally have a paperless office and electronic documents have increased in the past several years yet there are still offices with a high volume of paper documents. This can be challenging, especially for financial, medical and legal ...Read More

Revamp Your Documents

Every office has it; the back room where the forgotten, old documents are kept. They’re kept there because no one knows what to do with them. Should they be kept or should we through them away?  These documents feel like a burden, taking up space and causing clutter in the office.  Digitally converting your documents will improve your office efficiency ...Read More

Let’s Get Digital

Imagine you’re looking at one of those ‘ancient’ road maps. The ones on paper with what looks like thousands of different routes tangled together. Digital documents are very similar to that road map. There are many different routes to take related to digital conversion and its solutions. Those many routes get your office where it needs to go and in ...Read More

Client Response To Digital Conversion

Digital Conversion is an excellent document management solution that offers countless benefits for businesses, government offices or any organization that has a high volume of paper documents. Clients have found that digitized documents contribute to the goal of increasing workplace productivity and efficiency while reducing administrative expenses. When documents are digitized, clients have found that documents are much easier to ...Read More

How The Insurance Industry Benefits From Digital

No matter what the issue is, whether it be accident, personal, or financial obligation, the importance of proper insurance is undeniable. If the need for insurance arises, the last thing any person wants is the added burden of doing business with an insurance carrier that is misplacing files, overloaded with file cabinets, or showing signs of deficient security. This burden ...Read More

Paper Isn’t Safer

There are many security issues that come along with having your documents stored just on paper instead of in a document management system. You are never guaranteed secure access to documents if they are kept on paper. Even if you have your documents stored in a safe where only you know the combination, there is always theft risks involved. Unauthorized ...Read More

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Document Conversion

Saving Space Just how much space can be saved by digitizing your documents? Say goodbye to your filing cabinets and rooms filled with paper and instead say hello to a much better investment for your office space. What could you do with that space? The possibilities are endless for your company! Security Maintaining the trust and privacy that your clients ...Read More