Book Scanning: Archival Solution For The 21st Century

Old books are often a pain to use and read. When books are new they seem durable, but over time books become faded and torn, with missing pages and a bad smell. To combat this problem, the digital era has ushered in a new archival solution for books: book scanning. Book scanning involves placing a book on a special scanner and digitally scanning the pages onto a computer or digital format. From there, you can then make edits.

Book scanning has become an important archival solution for libraries, universities, publishers and magazine companies. Book scanning allows for a greater number of people to view a book, without being limited to the amount of physical copies. Libraries like the New York Public Library offer book scanning for public domain books. Google used scanners to create Google Books, a database of books from libraries and publishers all over the world. Book scanning can additionally be used to make copies of samples from a book, for use in a teaching lesson or presentation.

Many publishers, newspapers and magazines are now introducing online archives where readers can explore a database archive and read content from a publications entire catalog. Online readers can get the content without having to go to a library or other facility. Publications can also charge users for access to this content. Online digital content is also compatible with modern technology such as kindles, iPads, smartphones and tablets.

Book scanning offers countless benefits. By digitally converting a book, you increase the reading life of the book. A digital book will give you the content of the original copy, without the risk of losing or harming the original copy. Digital scanning allows for edits on the original book to be made in order to increase the reading quality. Through digital technology, you can get the best picture quality possible by being able to edit, crop and process the original text. Many libraries, including the Library of Congress, have started digitally scanning books to preserve history.

Book Scanning is an excellent archival solution that gives old books new life. They offer countless benefits, but most importantly they increase the shelf life and accessibility of old and rare books.

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