“While the convenience of being able to retrieve the information directly from our desk top will save us time and money, the greatest satisfaction will come from providing better and quicker service.”
-Wake Forest University

“We have worked with AIS for over 20 years now, their performance and service is impeccable. Our new service is working great.”
-Pharr Yarns

“Very impressed with your process and the amount of Quality Control performed.The operating tour was enlightening. The employees interaction is encouraging. We know that your work is superior. Your process seems to be streamlined and effective”
-Greenville County

“Enjoyed the operation tour; very impressive facility with pleasant folks and operations”

Here is what customers said about visiting our facility:

“Seeing the whole process in action makes more sense now! I enjoyed the touring the facility from the beginning, to the end. Also being able to speak to your employees and asking questions was helpful. There is a better understanding now. After seeing your employees at work, I am now noticing little things that I hope will improve the condition of the records that you receive from DPS.”
– Durham Public Schools

“The entire visit was ALL so useful! Justin Zmijewski did an outstanding job as our Tour Guide, taking us behind the scenes of this incredible company-I now know exactly what happens to the files that leave our office and how they are cared for and processed @ AIS-wonderful experience! Thank you for this great opportunity.”

“The organization of the facility. Also, the way everyone focused on perfection. That records could be accessed before they were scanned if needed by our agency.”
– Caldwell County Sheriff

“Conversing with others and sharing like-experiences. It was wonderful. Great to see everyone. Keep the warm and personal, yet professional atmosphere.”
– Mecklenburg County Health Department


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